How to create a Shopify shop set up step by step

Shopify shop has become the multi-channel e-commerce hosting giant of today. It is shocking to say that it was a little online store that started by selling snowboard equipment. The co-founder of the camp ran into issues with his new venture since e-commerce software could not meet his needs since it was very expensive. To an inspiration, this is how Tobi Lutke decided to create his website and this was how Shopify began. In this article we are going to discuss a glimpse of how to create a Shopify shop set up using the following steps as illustrated below;

Step 1: sign up for Shopify

When opening the Shopify shop set up you are required to enter your email address as a kick start in the creation of your account. Choosing your store name is also required as well as telling more about yourself how you are planning to sell and if you are already selling. A personal address is required for tax calculation and payments.

Step 2: adding product to your Shopify store

After you finish signing up, in this step this is where you customize your store and upload your product for your Vayle Cybersecurity customers to browse through details such as title, description, price, and vendor. Therefore after you are through you can save the product in the end. It is very important to choose an appealing image for your product. Also, you can set up collections and groups of products according to individual needs.

Step 3: customize the look of your Shopify website

During Shopify shop set up, themes are normally browsed from the theme store(link provided). Themes can be free or premium. Premium themes have more appealing and have extra modifications. Logos are also included here for your product.

Step 4: setting up your domain with Shopify

A domain is made to make the site official and live and this comes after choosing a template and design.  Shopify shop set up also specify the payment you would like to go with. It is good to note that you can purchase a domain from Shopify by directly adding it or buying a domain elsewhere and adding it. After setting up the domain, activate your account and check on your website.

Step 5: activation of the payment processor

In this area, the Shopify shop setup requires you to select dozens of payments processors such as Stripe and This allows you to accept payments into your account and without much ado, check the launch button to make the store online.

In conclusion, from the above Shopify shop set up steps, it is clear that this platform offers administrative offices a powerful and distinctive view of their business 

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