Four tips on prospecting you’ve never heard before

Sales prospecting is the most difficult thing that businesses face when it comes to growing their sales. The things that have been tried before no longer works. If you do what everyone is doing, you will get the same results as the others. You won’t be better off. Today, prospecting has become increasingly challenging as people are turning off their phone or putting on their spam filters so that you don’t receive any sales emails. To stand out from your competitors, you can use these unique sales prospecting techniques.

1. Use video

Create a video content where the CEO of your company will talk about the new product or service that has been just launched. You can also create a video of happy customers telling how good your product or service is. You can include the video in email or publish it in social media.

2. Learn from losses

If you haven’t gotten a few deals recently, find out what went wrong. Try to understand what your competitors did and you didn’t. Try to improve so that you can perform better than your competitor next time.

3. Team up with your non-competing competitors

Many companies sell different items to the same group of customers. For example, toy companies sell a toy to people having a child; baby food company sells it to the same group of clients as well. By teaming up with them, you can increase the chance of more sales. Your network just doubles.

4. Give little something to develop relationship

With your product or service, give away something for free. For example, if someone develops a website from you, give them free SEO service. This will help to build strong long term relationships. So, you will be able to retain customers.

These are the sales prospecting that you might have never tried. These techniques have shown success, and so you can try them out.


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